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30 June 2021 - 1 July 2021
1st Ibero-American Forum of Food Clusters: New horizons for the food sector

Clúster Alimentario de Galicia (Clusaga)

Clusaga’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable growth, enhanced competitiveness, and internationalization of the Galician food sector. Clusaga’s scope of action includes the whole food and drink value chain – including primary sector activities, auxiliary activities providing machinery, equipment, services, etc., and food distribution – with a special focus on food and drink transformation.

Clusaga currently has 128 members organizations including: companies (112, 92 of them SMEs), sub-sector business associations (which in turn bring together over 350 companies and allow to further expand the reach of the cluster towards other companies), and the three Galician universities and three research and technology centers. Its sectoral focus is broad, including milk and dairy, sea products, bakery, meat, and wine, among others.

The most representative activities of Clusaga include:

  • Organization of fora, workshops, and training and info sessions on relevant issues for the food sector stakeholders

  • Collaboration projects to build triple- and quadruple-helix networks and innovative products and services adapted to consumption trends

  • Innovation projects to foster digitalization and Industry 4.0, as well as environmental sustainability, in the food sector

  • Analysis of market and consumer trends

  • Joint commercial promotion actions and B2B and C2C networks

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Cluster Agroalimentario de Nuevo León (Agroalim)

Agroalim is association that integrates primary producers, food and agricultural enterprises, academic institutions, investigation hubs and governmental institutions to develop and increase the competitiveness of the agriculture and food sector in the north of Mexico.

We work primarily through collaboration and innovation in the following working committees: Food Safety, Innovation, Sustainability, Human Development, Value Chain, Productivity, Industry 4.0, International Commerce and two sub-committees: Agricultural and livestock.

We currently have over 130 partner companies and institutions from the different branches of the food industry and the agricultural sector

Our value offering includes:

  • Services: IFS Global Markets evaluations, laboratory services, special trainings,


  • Recognitions: sustainable company distinctive, Agrifood Tech prize,

  • Networking, Strategic Information, Technical Advice, Project Development, Business partners, supplier development.

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Association for the Food Industry of Castilla y Leon (Vitartis)

Vitartis' mission is to boost the sustainability of the food industry in Castilla y León (Spain) and the economic and social development of the region, promoting innovation in all areas and representing the sector towards public and private organizations:

  • From all fronts of the fivefold income statement (economic, people and talent, social, environmental and good governance).

  • Promoting innovation, talent and training.

  • Boosting knowledge and technology transfer and facilitating cooperation among members.

  • Encouraging rural development through the transformation of raw materials in the Region

  • Supporting the internationalization of Vitartis members.

  • Promoting entrepreneurship and business upscaling.

  • Actively contributing to boost collaboration and to improve relationships among players of the entire food value chain.

  • Working for the Sustainable Development Goals, especially those that more directly concern companies on the agri-food sector.

  • Promoting the relationship with other clusters and relevant agents.

Based on the above, Vitartis main areas of interest are sustainability, 4.0 technologies, consumer trends and innovations in products, process and organizational models, all of it oriented to the food sector.

Nowadays, Vitartis is made up by 129 members: 116 companies (89 SMEs and 27 large size enterprises), 4 Technology Centers, 7 Universities of Castilla y Leon and 2 Public Research Centers.

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FoodTech Hub

The mission of FoodTech Hub Latam is to select, capitalize, model, disruptive mentor companies in the food chain that impact the chosen verticals: Products, Process/New Technologies, Food Service, Smart Packaging, Food Waste, Food Safety.

Its vision is to create a cooperative, innovative environment with physical and intellectual infrastructure to create one of the best food innovation ecosystems in the world.

FoodTech Hub has more than 100 members, including big companies such as Bayer, Cargill, Danone, Unilever, Givaudan, Buhler, as well as several SMEs in the region.

The primary services provided by FoodTech Hub Latam are the following:

  • FoodTech Hub Connect: service for everyone who wants to outsource their research or need help starting a project. We find the right expert or team of experts for your need.

    The service supports projects related to the food chain business, mainly in (1) Support for innovation and technology; (2) Starting a new company; (3) Find a business partner; (4) Applicable legislation; (5) Intellectual property rights.

  • FoodTech Hub Innovation Business Model: Our working methodology consists of 3 Strategic Phases: Phase I: Diagnosis of the current stage of the Company's innovation; Phase II: Definition of the innovation model appropriate to the Company; Phase III: Implementation of the model.

  • Boost Food Acceleration Program

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Agroindustrial Cluster of Centro (InovCluster)

InovCluster aims to contribute to increase the competitiveness of local and regional production systems and to the positioning of the Central Region of Portugal at national and international level. To this end, InovCluster establishes a platform for consultation between the main players in this sector, and supports companies in innovation processes, RTD, knowledge transfer, training, development of new products, services and processes, marketing and internationalization.

Currently InovCluster has 178 members, including 139 companies, and entities such as: Associations / Cooperatives, Higher Education Institutions, R&D Institutions linked to the agro-industrial and agri-food sector and several municipalities in the Center region.

InovCluster action fields include:

  • Cooperation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Funding and incentives
  • Internationalization
  • Research, development, and innovation

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